Friday, April 1, 2011

a whole month

i must apologize to my few readers that it has been over a month since i have posted. while i could like to say that life was just normal, the month did include some "exciting" things.

-our computer stopped reading it's wifi card and spent a week in the shop.
-we took olivia to the clinic at 11pm with a mysterious very high fever. it ended up being roseola and took care of itself.
-olivia has started eating solid foods and loves everything. she even made it through the hot sauce that dan accidentally fed her when he gave her some of her food.
-the peri-urban outreach started it's second year.
-our house mate, claire, got her work-permit extension. we are very happy about this because we like having her around!
-i am co-leading a bible study with a lovely group of ladies on Esther.

i think that is a good summary. otherwise our lives keep going.



Erika said...

that's good reason to not post! kids alone are good excuses :)
sorry to hear about olivia's roseola. my kids have gotten that, too. it comes and goes.
please post pictures of y'all! it would be great to see olivia eating hot sauce :)

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