Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Faithfulness to be inconvenienced when others are in need…

...Once my friend Grete wrote this in her blog when she was talking about her community. For years I have pondered this statement trying to put it into practice. Zim offers many opportunities to practice this. The other day we left Harare very early to dive the 250km to Mutare (near the border of Mozambique) for the opening of a herbal clinic. We spent the whole day there and then drove back getting back into Harare after dark and ready to go home. We thought we were going to drop off our other passengers in town where we picked them but we soon found out that they could not catch public transport to their house and if didn’t take them home they would end up walking about 3k in the dark. Normally it is not a big deal for Africans to walk 3k but in the dark it is not a good idea. So we took them across town. I was a little frustrated b/c I was tired and wanted to get home- but someone was in need. And these words came flooding into my mind. And I remembered that really I wasn’t being - inconvenienced I was just riding in the car. I hope to keep practicing it.

In other news my allergies have found a new way to manifest themselves- puffy sore eye lids! It isn’t overwhelming but it is annoying.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


we are finally in zimbabwe! for a week we have lived life with our friend julie, who is letting us live with her. she is lovely and we are really enjoying our time here. keep praying for our work permits!