Saturday, April 9, 2011


we just got back for a three day retreat just outside of town. when we planned this time away, i had a pretty long "to do" list for dan and me to get done. just before we left a friend of ours challenged us a story of how he had once gone away seeking answers and came away unsatisfied. he said if he had only gone to seek God and let the answers come as God had planned it would have been a great experience. i didn't really like letting go of my "to do" list but in the end it was wonderful. we ended up mostly just resting and spending time together as a family. we enjoyed one another- especially our funny little girl. we took walks, drank tea, sang songs that reminded us of our friends, prayed, went swimming, and read. it was lovely. it was relaxing and energizing. it was just what we needed.



Erika said...

good ideas. your friend was wise.
it's hard for us, especially as women, i think, to let go of our lists...
we are loved regardless of our productivity.
glad to hear you got some rest.
sabbaths are great for that.

R.Venkat esan said...


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