Saturday, January 22, 2011

the vissani visit

our christmas was extended to more days than we expected because dan's parents came to visit. we knew that we would get to continue celebrating on the 26th but thanks to lost bags our presents slowly arrived over the first 5 days of their visit. thankfully the real reason they came was not to deliever gifts but to spend time with us and their beloved first granddaughter. since dan's mom is a better writer than i am, i will let her share with you her thoughts:

"Fernando and I had the most amazing time in Zimbabwe. Spending time with Dan and Mary and holding and playing with Olivia for the first time were the best gifts we could ask for at Christmastime (or anytime!). Learning about their ministry and meeting so many of their friends and associates warmed our hearts, as we could plainly see how much they are loved and cared for there, and how much their work means to so many. The country is beautiful, as are its people. God is at work, and it is wonderful to see the tapestry of the body of Christ in another land, another culture.
We enjoyed simple home visits as much as we did our "big field trip" to Victoria Falls. We met nationals who are being mentored by Dan and Foundations for Farming, and saw their crop (sometimes maize as tall as seven feet!). The Falls are awesome, and the surrounding community is unique and beautiful. In addition to a tour of Victoria Falls, we enjoyed a river cruise up the Zambezi River (spying hippos along the way) and a wild game ride where we spotted a large herd of elephants, multiple giraffe and zebra, up close and personal.
Precious were the many moments we just hung out at the house, getting to know our little baby girl. She is pleasant and fun. And what a trooper -- she tolerated the 11-hour car ride to Victoria Falls as well as any infant could. When she wasn't sleeping or eating, she was mostly smiling and helping her grandparents to enjoy the ride. On our only Sunday morning there, we had the privilege of attending church service at Dan and Mary's home church, and witnessing Olivia's dedication. After the service, a luncheon was held in our honor -- another reflection of respect for Dan and Mary. We wore the African outfits that were made especially for us as a gift from our children."


a new home

we've moved! we found a house on the other side of town (the side we spend most of our time on). and it is lovely! there are two great parts, other than the location. 1) it has a flat on one side so our friend claire now lives with us! 2) the garden is amazing! now when i saw garden i mean the yard and trees and flowers (which dan often uses to make me beautiful arrangements) and landscaping, not our vegetables. the vegetables haven't found a place to grow yet but we are working on that. here are a few pictures:


sorry for the delay

it has been pointed out to me that we have not blogged in awhile. i will blame this on very expensive and slow internet. but God, in His mercy, has provided a solution to that problem. you can thank Him for our return to our blog.


Christmas Kumusha

this year for christmas we decided to be truly zimbabwean and go kumusha (to the rural home). so we asked our co-workers, joseph and vivian if we could join them at vivan's family's rural home for christmas. because of various commitments we could only go from the 23 to 25 dec. but that little time was great. dan had never spent a night in a village so it was very exciting for him to get to experience new things.

christmas morning

bath time!

a little frisbee

fixing the cattle pen: the duty of the son-in-law

mopping the floor in the kitchen

olivia with gogo

with sekuru